The Anchor Spa
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 On January 4, 2015 after nearly 80 years in business and under pressure to evolve with the times, the Anchor closed its doors. An online petition began to circulate which passionately made the case to save the Anchor, garnering over 1200 signatures. Inspired by its legacy, we jumped onboard to revive this New Haven institution. In June of 2016, this venerable institution proudly re-opened its doors under the original name from 1933: The Anchor Spa. We are proud to be a part of the New Haven Community and collaborate with other local businesses. In keeping with this spirit, all of the items on our wall case in the dining room are from the antiques vendor English Builders Market on Chapel Street. 

Named after the Milford, Connecticut beach where it first opened in 1933, The Anchor Spa moved to its current location on College Street in 1939. It originally opened as a cocktail bar, with a selection of over 50 classic cocktails. In its halcyon days, the Anchor became a favorite watering hole for actors, artists, poets, writers, and Yalies, and the after-work boîte for bartenders and staff from other bars. Over decades the cocktail lounge attracted playwright Thornton Wilder, writer Wally Lamb, and many celebrities, including Lucille Ball, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., George C. Scott, Jim Morrison, and Yale alumna Jodie Foster.



Our drinks

Anchor Spa boasts an outstanding cocktail program that represents a voyage around the world, including some unique international spirits rarely sampled in the U.S. The bar features classically prepared punches, mixed the way the sailors of yore, and the original Anchor Bar staff executed them , as well as a great selection of rums (New England was known for its rum making in the 1800s).

Our food

Anchor Spa was founded on Anchor Beach in Milford, Connecticut, a town Renowned for its seafood—particularly its oysters. Anchor Spa leverages this coastal history with a menu that includes a section dedicated to seafood, as well as great dishes from land and heaven.


our mission

Create The Anchor Spa for the New Millennium. Iconic cocktail club and beloved dive bar—combined, they represent the spectrum of The Anchor’s 75-year history.

The Anchor Spa carefully preserves core aspects of the physical, historical version of The Anchor that those in New Haven grew so fond of over generations, while aiming to please both fans and newcomers by reviving many of the establishment’s intangible graces as well: community, camaraderie, exposure to new people—from all ports of call and walks of life—and new ideas, shared experiences, and a sense of belonging.

The Anchor Spa distills the essence of the old Anchor—and its endearing community values—while adding a new, audacious chapter to the storied past of one of Americas oldest and most renowned cocktail clubs.